Communicate with words and images to persuade, inform and entertain an audience
Write, record and edit audio for film, video, music, web and broadcast media
Capture, edit, manipulate digital photography for a wide range of media applications
Build narrative sequences with camera, lens, sound, light and post-production
Explore relationships between words, images, sound, motion, time and space in digital media

Latest NEWS From Integrated Media @ Mt. Hood Community College

IM Portfolio Show and Film Festival

This year's show is on Thursday, June 11 in the Visual Arts Center Gallery and Theater. From 4 - 7 pm view photo and design portfolios or listen to broadcast documentaries. Stay to watch the films starting at 7 pm.

Four short-term certificates approved

Four new Career Pathway Certificates of Completion in Integrated Medi have been approved. A CPCC is a credential awarded for specific skill competencies achieved in courses wholly contained in within a degree.

Now students can earn a CPCC in Broadcasting or Video or Photography or Graphic Design in only three terms. Contact an Integrated Media Adviser for more information about this option.

Integrated Media becomes First Oregon school to Partner with logo Let the learning begin! All Integrated Media students, faculty, and staff receive complimentary access to, an online subscription library that teaches the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts. Students enroll in the Premium subscription to access more than 1,400 training videos on a broad range of subjects, including business skills, photography, design, music and video, animation, and web design and development. New courses are added every week. Access the library 24/7—even from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or mobile phone—and watch entire courses or single tutorial videos as needed. Exercise files let students follow along with the instruction as they learn, and bookmarks help keep track of to watch next.

MHCC is proud to be the first school in Oregon become a "LyndaCampus"!

New Integrated Media transfer guide announced with Marylhurst University

Marylhurst University has developed a transfer guide that allows MHCC's Integrated Media students to transfer up to 95 credits into Marylhurst's BA in Media and Film Studies program. You can even co-enroll in both Marylhurst and MHCC as a freshman. Download the transfer guides here.

Community College: Is it the right choice for you?

International fashion/design blogger, MHCC graduate Shauna Haider (aka "Nubby Twiglet") and founder of WeAreBranch tells all about her experience in MHCC's Graphic Design program. "I’m pretty passionate about community college because not only was my experience amazing but it got me to exactly where I needed to be in my career without compromising my budget, timeline or goals." Read more.

Why Choose MHCC?

This documentary, produced by video student David Duewiger, highlights why students chose MHCC to study Integrated Media.

Want to know the secret to success?

iPad Success Stories

You're bound to recognize some names and faces when you watch the videos produced in 2012 by second year IM students for an interactive iPad app. They interviewed dozens of well-known creatives who've finished our program and gone on to successful careers. Find out who designs fonts for Nike and Starbucks, which graduate travels to Chile to photograph top snowboarders, and who works behind the scenes of the Lars Larson Show.

The award-winning cinematographer for Whale Wars and Ice Road Truckers also hails from MHCC!

Students plan end-of-year festivities

This spring, second year Integrated Media students were busy organizing "World of Wonders", an event that combined the annual portfolio show and film festival into one venue on Monday, June 9 in the Visual Art Center Theatre and Gallery. We hope you enjoyed celebrating with the class of 2014!

Superpowers revealed

im super site logoCheck out the mad skillz of the Integrated Media's class of 2012. They range from just plain odd to the highly peculiar. They're about to be go forth and save the world from digital mediocrity! This web site produced during the Spring term 2012 Practicum class.

2013 Portfolio Show and Film Festival Events

Click here for more information about each show.

Graphic Design Portfolio Show Photography Portfolio Show 12th Annual Digital Film Festival

Poster designs, top, by Sarah Taylor. Film Festival poster designed by Mason Kennedy.

2012 Portfolio Show and Film Festival Events

Unwrapped Poster

Integrated Media Portfolio Show "Unwrapped" was held on June 13 in the Ecotrust Building (721 NW 9th Avenue) in Portland's Pearl District. Students talked to visitors about the work in their portfolios, showed their websites, films and an iPad app.

The 11th Annual Fist Cut Digital Film Festival was held on June 14 in the Visual Arts Theatre on the Main Gresham campus. View a gallery of the posters created by first-year graphic design students to promote this year's films.

"There's never been a better time to do creative work...

...THAN RIGHT NOW. You can get stuff started. You can get it out to people. And you can turn it in to a business if it's decent. And there are more ways to get work to material. And it's easier to get work. WE ARE AT A PEAK. Everything about our country is going to hell. Our politics, industry— this is the one part of America which is actually going GREAT."

—Ira Glass, Host and Executive Producer of This American Life, speaking at WFMU'st Radiovision Festival, October 29, 2011

Students receive Digital Media Commissions from Intel/OMPA

OMPA/Intel Digital Media Commission recipients

Five Integrated Media students were awarded stipends to explore applications of specific personal media technology, provided by and directed by Intel Interaction & Experience Research Lab. This scholarship opportunity is one of several provided by the OMPA (Oregon Media Production Association) each year. Recipients are (L to R): Video students Emily Morris and Rachel Jones, Graphic Design students Garrett Proctor and Baylee Brown, and Photography student Becki Luff at the Intel orientation in June. They'll be working with equipment provided by Intel over the next five months. Read more about Rachel Jones' experience.

Oregon Maritime Museum benefits from IM students' efforts

Oregon Maritime Museum

Over a dozen Integrated Media students from the video, graphic design and photography options spent the last nine months working on a variety of projects to enhance Portland's floating museum which is moored to the sea wall in downtown Portland. Directed by instructor Jon Larson, photo students restored historic photographs from the museum's archives and graphic design students created new signs, graphics, exhibit labels and improved the Oregon Maritime Museum's floorplan and layout. Video students recorded interviews and created new pieces for the touch screen kiosks on board. This work was all completed through the IM291: Integrated Media Practicum class where hands-on work for real clients allows students to practice using their skills on real projects.

IM Portfolio Events Feature 2011 Graduates

2011 GD Portfolio Show

Our Digital Photography and Professional Photography graduates displayed their portfolios on Wednesday, June 1.

Graphic Design graduates showed their design portfolios on Friday, June 3, 2011. First year graphic design projects were also on display.

Video students screened their work Friday, June 3 in the Visual Art Center Theatre for the 10th annual First Cut Digital Film Festival.

Collaboration results in successful Sandy River Showdown

Graphic Design student Dustin Fletcher led a dozen fellow IM students to organize, promote and document the Sandy River Showdown, a two day multi-sport event designed by and for athletes. It was billed as an "everyman's" race where athletes of all abilities have an opportunity to participate and share in the joy of competition.

The event consisted of two races occurring over the final weekend of April. The Dam Derby (kayaking) and the Dodge & Burn, biathlon-style team relay. Beneficiaries were Team River Runner and We Love Clean Rivers. A variety of social media efforts were employed including Facebook, Flkr, Vimeo and WordPress to promote the event, sponsored by GoPro, Keen, ClifBar, Jackson Kayak, NRP, Dave's Killer Bread and RoadID.